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Nkiko hertier

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great game

now you can start discussion on this beats maker app on and offline

new improve and interesting game made by Nkiko Hertier played by clicking on the provided Dyce and let it randomize the your score is changed by the result.

happy Christmas 

The free online games app

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I got Gdevelop but its very hard I need some beginner courses

balloon clicker game

balloon clicker game

tell me this game is to you

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post a screen short of a game on this game jam and a link to it on this game jam.

i will, but is a downloadable version needed

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thank you

afri-games app for free

nice online  clock

this  an online graphical clock of count according to your device check it

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hey may you like my games they are 2d games

new game released TODAY

I searched again but I cannot see Afri-games(my user name)

This an rock paper scissors game online version played using computer keys

to play we use;

Q for rock

Z for sisors

A for paper paper scissors


My problem is that I don't see myself in search my itch user name is Afri-games, nkiko hertier is a display name I just want fix this.


This is ping pong played using mouse pointer.

I needed to add a search plugin but I am not seeing it in my dashboard 

I released a new graphical simultaneous equation tool

  • online calculator
  • graphical
  • simultaneous master

use it now

this a forum website main content is gamming

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Here it is

congratulations 😃

which programing language do they use

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I am game developer and I am going to start using unity does it require C++

I am game developer and I am going to start using unity does it require C++

nice stories character

A long journey to space game


I interested in making 2D games I started this in 2018 and now I have 45 project available, my reason to choose to be a game developer has started since I was young at that time I didn't have high marks is class and i wasn't good physical games we used to play but I was really good at drawing then one day my dreams came true in 2018 I my primary  5 class where I got game developing courses of scratch it interesting by my side. and now I am a game developer, designer, and a programmer

this a new interesting game I published 


  • you use left and right arrows.
  • if using phone you use buttons provided


  • Trying to the down paddle
  • preventing touching bottom and on the top


 todownpaddle game


do give a notification to my follower once I published a new game?

I am a game developer I have made about 30 games and they are all published 

I started my game developing in 2018 

I have also made 2 softwares FOLLOW ME

where can I find one of those 


that's interesting

that's true my own games starts with an AFRI-GAMES.ITCH.IO loading

But, is there a way to easily convert HTML5 games to .exe