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Got a Tabletop Role-Playing Game you've slowly been working on? Maybe you've been looking for an excuse to start writing one? Well, now's the time to finally complete something! I'm giving you until the end of the year to finish your damn RPG!

- Guidelines -

This is a Tabletop RPG JamIf you submit a video game, my skeleton will explode!

Content - Just create something! It can be anything from a damn role-playing system to a damn dungeon!

Theme - There is no theme, finish your damn RPG!

Length RequirementsThere are none, just finish your damn RPG!

Format - A damn PDF!

- FAQ -

Why are you so angry?

Because, I know what you're making is good! Just get it out there!

Can I...?

Yes, just do it already!

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A game of eldritch corporate greed, sovereign citizen wizards, and non-profits who spy because they care.
Robot Western TTRPG about losing your soul to an ancient intelligence.
A rules light TTRPG about Bounty Hunters in Space